This horse is considered to be the most beautiful in the world. But when experts inspected its coat, they were stunned.


Horses are graceful and majestic creatures that exude a special form of beauty not often seen in the animal kingdom. But as handsome as they are, there is one particular breed that stands out from the rest. So much so, in fact, that one of them has actually been granted the official title of «World’s Most Beautiful Horse».

The prize-winning steed comes from Turkey and is an «Akhal-Teke» — a rare horse breed with a population of only around 1,250 worldwide. They are famous for their tenacity and resilience and in China they are known as the «Horse from Heaven» because of their silky, shiny coats.

This name is quite fitting when you seen how their coats shine in the light making them look like they’ve been bathed in gold. Experts have analyzed their coats to find out what creates this effect and found out that it is caused by the structure of the hairs. Each hair actually acts as a light intensifier by reflecting compounded rays of light. Heavenly indeed!

It may not be made of real gold, but this exquisite animal definitely qualifies as the «World’s Most Beautiful Horse».